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Top Wedding Dress Designer: Galia Lahav

No matter what your bridal style is, there is a force in the industry that is driving the “of-the-moment” conversation as a top wedding dress designer: Galia Lahav House of Couture. As we know, the bridal industry has its mainstays and you’ve heard their names before –multiple times. Think Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta or Caroline Herrera. However, as you look toward the avant-garde of the industry, Galia Lahav has undoubtedly cemented their reputation as a top wedding dress designer on a global scale, with a strong foothold in the American bridal market with the opening of their flagship store in Los Angeles. On the heels of one of the most anticipated collections last season, Le Secret Royal, comes their newest Victorian Affinity. Inspired by the Victorian era, these designs are nothing short of enchanting and daring. Exactly what Galia Lahav is renowned for as a haute couture designer – beautifully executed, undeniably romantic and absolutely breathtaking.