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Tips on Planning Your Wedding Colors

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As little girls, most of us dreamed of what our wedding would one day look like and one of the first questions you will probably get asked during the early stages of your planning process will be, “What are your colors?” Planning your wedding colors is one of the most fun parts about the process, but it can also be one of the most overwhelming. But if you begin to think of your wedding color palette as more of a guideline to planning your wedding rather than the rule, it will take some of the stress away. Not every part has to match perfectly. Design House Décor is certainly one of the authorities on wedding color schemes having produced thousands of breathtaking dream days with a keen eye for detail and ensuring that they never create the same design twice. Quite a feat if you ask us! So we turned to the owners of Design House to provide our readers with the best tips on planning your wedding colors. As designers, one of their core missions is to set the trend, rather than follow the trends.

Planning Your Wedding Colors

SW: What advice do you have for couple’s when choosing their colors? 

Design House Décor: Colors are always based on a couple’s style preference, taste and vision. We think concentrating on the mood for a wedding is very important to start the planning process. Couples should always select a theme first. For example: glamorous, vintage, rustic, enchanted, royal, romantic, etc. Once the theme is confirmed, we can discuss color palettes based on their preference. We all have different taste when it comes to colors, it’s just a balance of combining their colors with the overall theme.

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