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Artistic Authority | Wedding Planning Artistry by Bruce Russell

Renowned wedding expert and Strictly Weddings’ UK partner, Bruce Russell, is famous for his artistic approach to wedding planning. From a blank slate of possibilities, Russell draws upon his own treasures of inspiration, the couple’s distinctive spirit and unique elements which define them, to create spectacular, one-of-a-kind occasions…masterpieces, if you will. His passion for artistry and detail produces a total immersion and stimulation of the senses for all guests. It is for these reasons that Russell’s trusted skills are called upon by the most discerning of brides who request what he does best: making unforgettable memories.

In addition to his extensive range of wedding planning and design offerings, Russell is the principal wedding expert at the iconic Savoy in London where the By Bruce Russell team provides in-house planning services. Even more, Russell founded The Bridal Room, an online platform to help brides navigate wedding suppliers and services, connecting them and providing background to respected luxury brands.

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Planners: Bruce Russell