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Launched by Paloma Blanca, one of the top wedding dress designers in Canada, Mikaella has made a name for itself in bridal and is now sought-after and worn by brides worldwide. Having created elegant wedding gowns for over 10 years, they have made thousands of brides’ wedding day dreams come true. They are proud to offer gowns that give brides the look, the feel, the style, and the cultivated beauty of high fashion couture gowns, at an attractive price.

Mikaella sells their wedding dresses and veils to hundreds of authorized retailers throughout Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, China, and Japan. Their bridal dresses have graced the pages of popular international wedding magazines, and have been featured on numerous television shows and film productions.




Spring 2019 Collection - Mikaella

Spring 2019

Fall 2018 Collection - Mikaella

Fall 2018

Spring 2018 Collection - Mikaella

Spring 2018

Fall 2017 Collection - Mikaella

Fall 2017

Spring 2017 Collection - Mikaella

Spring 2017

Fall 2016 Collection - Mikaella

Fall 2016

Spring 2016 Collection - Mikaella

Spring 2016

Latest Wedding Inspiration from Mikaella

Mikaella Bridal Offers Variety in Style | Strictly Weddings

Mikaella Bridal Offers Variety in Style

If there is one thing we have come to learn about this Canadian designer, hands down, is that Mikaella Bridal offers variety in style when it comes to their selection of wedding dresses. From the effortless chic to timeless class and a touch of modernity this brand has something for even the most discerning bride.

Edgy Modern Wedding Day | Strictly Weddings

Edgy Modern Wedding Day

Here’s a little secret. A modern-day bride who covets a romantic day infused with contemporary details is our kind of girl. If you’re the kind of fashionista who likes to lean toward off-trend, envisioning a more edgy modern wedding day, this inspiration is going to be your gem.

2018 Mikaella Bridal Collection Yields Style and Grace | Strictly Weddings

2018 Mikaella Bridal Collection Yields Style and Grace

For the bride who wants to infuse ease with a subtle dose of drama, the 2018 Mikaella Bridal collection yields style and grace ideal for your big day. Designed and made in Canada, Mikaella Bridal encompasses an assortment of wedding dresses that are fashioned for today’s free spirited bride top of mind. The bride who embraces her individual style, is fearlessly feminine and unpretentious. The one who also doesn’t compromise her effortless panache or the notion of making a statement. This collection is for you.

Whimsical Wedding Dresses for Today’s Free-Spirited Bride | Strictly Weddings

Whimsical Wedding Dresses for Today’s Free-Spirited Bride

This season, Mikaella Bridal is going to blow your mind. Their whimsical wedding dresses for today’s free-spirited bride evoke feelings of pure enchantment. Think grace, glamour and glitz with a splash of whimsical, free spirited elegance. Finding a balance in the union of textured details, such as hand appliquéd lace and flutters of sheer fabric, they have achieved a collection that evokes a feeling of refined femininity. Mikaella Bridal presents their Fall 2017 collection, comprised of a variety of designs, that offer a fresh perspective on what modern brides want with an effortlessly elegant aesthetic. Each gown embodies a sense of pure imagination and femininity through their romantic silhouettes, pairing the modernity of plunging necklines and playful spaghetti straps with blissful ball gowns, cascading tulle skirts and flirtatious form fitting structures.

Mikaella Bridal Spring 2017 Essence of Love | Strictly Weddings

Mikaella Bridal Spring 2017 Essence of Love

This upcoming season is going to be one that showcases the essence of love. Dive into Mikaella Bridal Spring 2017 Essence of Love collection with us. Mikaella Bridal once again delivers some serious wow-factor. Their Spring 2017 collection personifies femininity, a trace of playfulness and the whimsical spirit of brides-to-be. We think this is one of the Canadian designer’s best collections yet!


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