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Bold Jewel Tone Luxury Wedding Ideas

Let’s take a visual trip to the French Quarter in New Orleans today for our pretty dose of southern charm with bold jewel tone luxury wedding ideas. Audrey Mills Photography delivers one appealing Mardi Gras inspired wedding twist from behind her lens focusing on high end designs of “Ethan Allen Thornhill,” renowned for stylish and traditional furniture and home accessories. With a unique blend of rich historical splendor, modern sophistication, exquisite cuisine and old world romance, this is the right amount of spice to inspire you. Bold jewel tone luxury wedding ideas that will evoke grandeur and opulence in any space perfect for fall and winter weddings. They are the not-so-hidden-gem colors a bride can use to incorporate into their day with an elegant yet fun appeal. These Canadian industry professionals illustrate just how deep jewel tones can look fabulous with metallic for an element of warmth.