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Three Day Luxury Wedding in India

If you are currently planning your wedding, you are probably feeling a bit stressed out right now. But, with Confetti Films’ picture-perfection you area bout to lay eyes on might put things in perspective. Not just one day was planned, but seven events at three venues uniting Priti and Rohan. We are talking a three day luxury wedding in India. Escape to the city of Jaipur with us to see the unforgettable celebration that F5 Weddings planned. Every ounce of this was not only original, produced and organized down to the last detail, but screams with flair. Over the top glam complete with fireworks and elephants making Priti and Rohan’s union the most enjoyable and memorable. Here’s a hint brides-to-be, this grand celebration has some pretty amazing ideas that stand out and are completely steal-worthy. Prepare to be in awe – we still are!