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4th of July Theme Wedding

When you have a bride, who according to her Dad, was “born to be a wedding planner,” you know three things are definite when it comes to her own wedding day. There will be an unforgettable theme. The décor will be too fab with a dash of whimsy. Loads of smiles, laughter and pure fun will be had – those should count as three alone! This 4th of July theme wedding in Ohio was not just one theme, but a dose of Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and good ol’ American down home enjoyment blended into one. Don’t expect college sweethearts, Ryan and Event Prep Cassandra Creer’s wedding day to be all about the red, white and blue though It definitely gives a nod to their preppy flair with a tropical twist. Their day was the perfect mash up of eccentric, extravagant, and creative details in their 4th of July theme wedding with a sparkling finish.