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Lavish London Wedding Full of Glamour

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch amongst royal fans and let’s get real – wedding bloggers too – who all can’t wait to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. With only three days to go before the wedding, we couldn’t help but want to virtually whisk us all away to England. While the upcoming nuptials are bound to be epic, this lavish London wedding full of glamour can certainly set the tone. Let’s count the reasons. First, the opulence of the Dorchester Hotel. Second, the soft hues of pink, lavender with golden accents with Planned2Perfection and NB Flowers behind the prettiness. And third (really topping our list) one photogenic gorgeous couple who only has eyes for each other as Jacob and Pauline so divinely captured this regal gallery. Not that we need a fourth, but we can hint that there is a sugary temptation of Sweet Hollywood to feast your eyes on too.