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Stunning Hayley Paige Bride Steals Show

Everything is right in the wedding world when you see just how a stunning Hayley Paige bride steals the show in her own fairytale story. Every dreamy image captured by Kristi Telnov brings out the ethereal beauty of Marisa, today’s featured glowing bride. Never a moment was she upstaged, but there are some close seconds for us. Like the darling moments captured between the groom, Jake, and darling flower girl. With The Club at Nevillewood in Pittsburg setting the scene and Mocha Rose on point with the color crushing combination of cranberry and blush in the day’s floral this Pittsburg wedding is beyond whimsical. As if Marisa’s rosewater Lorelei gown inspired her entire theme. This gorgeous gallery is like watching a little girl’s fantasy unfold.