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Strictly Weddings New York Secret Proposal Shoot

We just loved this sweet collaboration of photographer Terry Gruber and groom that took place in an American classic location, Central Park. Enjoy some of these blissful moments from the groom’s truly endearing proposal and some of Gruber’s story below:

Bastien called from Paris explaining his desire to have his New York City proposal secretly photographed. He told his soon-to-be fiancé that he needed to meet a client for coffee, but instead went off to meet me at the studio for advice and recommendations about how to propose in Central Park. He explained how he and Anchi were very private and wanted a secluded spot in Central Park.

I demonstrated my shoot plan with a sketch of the park bench, the positioning of Anchi and my move to a 50-50 angle for the proposal. When he felt the moment was right, he was to give our signal… As I pass the place where the band was minutes before, I discover only one member is sitting there, not playing, but watching the equipment. The others are gone. I reach for my wallet and take out a $20 bill. Simultaneously I spot the couple approaching about a hundred yards away. I interrupt the guitarist biting down on his hot dog and hand him the $20 bill and say “Start playing right now!” I race into position to shoot Bastien and Anchi ambling down Poets Path just small faces in the crowd and the real job begins….

NYC Central Park Proposal

NYC Central Park Proposal