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Bride’s Daughter Inspired Blended Family Wedding

Realistically, every wedding is a union of two families. But, in no situation is this merging of families clearer than when one – or both – halves of the couple have children. When we read how today’s bride’s daughter inspired blended family wedding day and then gazed at the pictures of Twilight Photo Video LLC validating every word – well, it was an honest “pass the tissues, please” moment. For a bride who admittedly says she has dreamed about her wedding ever since she was a little girl it just can’t get any better than seeing how her fairytale unfolded. Elegance and sophistication were at the top of the list for planner Peggy Stein and Patrick Carey Events to achieve. But, more importantly, creating a memorable, breathtaking atmosphere that guests would talk about for weeks. Warning as this pretty little gallery is going to bring out all the feels filled with special moments as you will see frame after frame of how two little ones stole the show.