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Powerful Wedding Day Display of Love and Emotion

Do you ever have those flashes that bring on an epiphany? That sudden ah-ha realization? Yep, that just happened. We discovered our kryptonite. That uniquely powerful wedding day display of love and emotion that a photographer captures. Whether it’s the special bond intimately taken between a dad and daughter, the groom’s first look at his bride or the extraordinary looks passed between the bride and groom where you know they found their soul mate. Those candid moments that have you looking around for the onions in your space as you dab at your watery eyes. Today, it’s Michelle Roller Photography that strikes our heart’s cord with the magic of her lens during Jennifer and Wyatt’s bohemian Malibu wedding. Frame after exquisite frame, delivers those raw emotions. It’s pure wedding kryptonite. Not only did Fairy Godmother a Wedding & Event Company transform the Calamigos Ranch into a wanderlust affair with Blue Ladder Botany – but multiple times throughout this gorgeous happily ever after are their outbreaks of overwhelming emotion that draw us in to their intimate celebration. You’ll see … this gallery bursting with powerful wedding day display of love and emotion is what we are coining “wedding kryptonite.”