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Riki Dalal

Riki Dalal is an Israeli haute couture bridal gown designer helping to pave the way for a new era of bridal couture.  Daring backs, tight rears, deep necklines, and intricate detail have become the newest string of wedding gowns, and Riki Dalal has become amongst the top designers in Israel to sell her dresses across the globe.
All of Riki Dalal’s dresses are handmade by the top seamstresses in Israel and finest sewing techniques, all of which are overseen by the designer. Riki Dalal does not mass-produce gowns, but rather they are individually made-to-order with the exact measurements of each bride.
With use of perfect combinations of rich lace and embellishments from all over the world, each design is filled with detail. Some of her fabrics are handmade especially for her utilizing maximum quality threads so her dresses are sure to be set-apart from other designers. The added value in her designs is within the work technique, which is based on fitting leotards. Using two-piece method allows her to create these deep back lines and illusion silhouettes while still being able to keep the dress light and comfortable.
Dalal has won vast recognition in the past year and her dresses are featured all over the world.  Her dresses truly bring to life some of the most on-trend aspects of fashion today, effortlessly and feminine with edginess.




Verona Collection - Riki Dalal


Valencia Collection - Riki Dalal


Lorraine Collection - Riki Dalal


Latest Wedding Inspiration from Riki Dalal

Riki Dalal - Verona

Riki Dalal Wedding Dresses Spring 2016

The promising debut of new Riki Dalal wedding dresses each season is one were we hold our breath with anticipation because each collection merely gets more and more striking – if that is even possible. Launching her sixth collection of bridal gowns, the new Verona collection is characterized by effortless glamour and sophistication. Daring yet traditional silhouettes are once again at the forefront for Riki Dalal.

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