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Paloma Blanca

Paloma Blanca is one of the top designers of wedding dresses in Canada, with their award-winning wedding gowns being sought-after and worn by brides worldwide. Having created elegant wedding gowns for over 75 years, they have made thousands of brides’ wedding day dreams come true. They are proud to offer gowns that give brides the look, the feel, the elegance, and the classic sophistication of high fashion couture gowns, at an attractive price.

Paloma Blanca sells their wedding dresses and veils to hundreds of authorized retailers throughout Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, China, and Japan. Their bridal dresses have graced the pages of popular international wedding magazines, and have been featured on numerous television shows and film productions.




Spring 2019 Collection - Paloma Blanca

Spring 2019

Fall 2018 Collection - Paloma Blanca

Fall 2018

Spring 2018 Collection - Paloma Blanca

Spring 2018

Fall 2017 Collection - Paloma Blanca

Fall 2017

Spring 2017 Collection - Paloma Blanca

Spring 2017

Spring 2016 Collection - Paloma Blanca

Spring 2016

Latest Wedding Inspiration from Paloma Blanca

Gorgeous Real Brides of Paloma Blanca | Strictly Weddings

Gorgeous Real Brides of Paloma Blanca

There are so many sources of amazing wedding inspiration out there — us being one of them (winky face). Deciding on a style for your own nuptials can be tough! And in all seriousness, we know when looking at a designer’s ad campaign shots of their wedding dresses while beautiful, they do trigger the question: “How would this look on an actual bride?” Enter today’s fun feature with the gorgeous real brides of Paloma Blanca. How many forums have you come across requesting real bride photos of “so-and-so” designer? We’re taking the mystery out of this question focusing on Canadian designer and luxe list partner, Paloma Blanca.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses with Pockets | Strictly Weddings

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses with Pockets

“To have and to hold,” is taking on a whole meaning for you as we introduce 45 of the most gorgeous wedding dresses with pockets. These undeniably beautiful bridal gowns will let you “have and hold” literally anything you want on your big day. Think about not having to worry about a clutch for your lipstick, handwritten vows, cell phone or that precious hanky handed down from grandma. Who doesn't love the feel and convenience of pockets? They're cozy, fashionable and extremely useful, and luckily for brides, wedding dress designers have taken note of this tend creating their show stoppers with the beneficial sewn-in compartments.

New Romantic Feminine Wedding Dresses of Paloma Blanca | Strictly Weddings

New Romantic Feminine Wedding Dresses of Paloma Blanca

We officially declare 2018 the year of the woman and the revival of femininity. If bridal designers like Paloma Blanca have anything to say about it – and believe us they do – we can see that this is a paramount theme. Coming off the heels of a successful bridal market season and the debut of their 2019 Fall collection, we can confidently say that the new romantic feminine wedding dresses of Paloma Blanca are going be create a buzz in the industry.

Paloma Blanca Spring 2017 Wedding Dresses | Strictly Weddings

Paloma Blanca Spring 2017 Wedding Dresses

Chic. Timeless. Elegant. These are just some of the adjectives that describe the Paloma Blanca Spring 2017 wedding dresses unveiled during this season’s market from their newest collection. Featuring over a dozen new designs all boasting astounding detail that will make your head spin. Chic lace illusions are certainly a theme within the new collection with effortless femininity that are undoubtedly infused with a trace of seduction.

Paloma Blanca Fall 2016 Showcase Old Hollywood Glamour | Strictly Weddings

Paloma Blanca Fall 2016 Showcase Old Hollywood Glamour

The Paloma Blanca Fall 2016 collection of wedding dresses showcase iconic elements of Old Hollywood glamour defined by the Golden Era. Wedding dresses that enhance a bride’s features by highlighting their individuality. This season, Paloma Blanca took classic looks and infused each design with old-school Hollywood appeal keeping a bride’s style chic, modern and totally wearable today.


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