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Nurit Hen Haute Couture

Nurit Hen Haute Couture Israeli Designer, showcases her collections world-wide that are well known for their sophisticated look and detailing, giving an exotic, modern look to bridal design. Her new collections come out 2-3 times a year as she get inspired with new visions that she wants to bring to life. Nurit explains that she designs each gown for a bride not only for her body, but also for her heart and her soul.

Nurit Hen is situated today as one of the top haute couture luxury brands in Israel. In the last few years, her collections have spread and grown rapidly world-wide. Today, Nurit Hen is in high demand in countries all over the world!

At Nurit Hen, the design process begins at the foundation. Each and every gown is an art creation that is handmade by precise measurements. Each dress is beautifully beaded and well constructed with luxurious fabrics and lace, which are imported from fashion capitals from around the world, so that every bride will walk down the aisle feeling beautiful, confident, and comfortable.

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The White Heart - Fall 2016 Collection - Nurit Hen Haute Couture

The White Heart - Fall 2016

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