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Lian Rokman

Lian Rokman was born to an artistic family. Her mother, both a designer and a pattern maker, inspired Lian’s love for fashion. So it is no surprise that Lian Rokman was sewing unique designs with her sewing machine, while other girls her age were playing with cute little dresses. By her early teens, Lian was designing and producing a variety of outfits for her friends.

When she was only twenty years old, Lian designed her first Bridal Collection. Her desire to offer a full service for her brides motivated her to study professional makeup and hairstyling. Moreover, her accumulated knowledge led to a blossoming ten-year career in fashion and makeup. 

Lian’s philosophy on bridal dress designs is that every bride has her own unique style; therefore she prioritizes the need to ensure that every dress reflection on the bride’s vision.
Her bridal collection spans from the classical and romantic to the modern and sexy designs. Each breathtaking design is garnished with immaculate details of the highest quality materials. All high-quality fabrics and laces are purchased from various importers around the world.

Lian’s bridal dresses are sewn to compliment every brides’ figure. The dresses are comfortable, organic, and simultaneously sophisticated. To look at Lian Rokman’s bridal collection is to look at a masterpiece.

Lian Rokman is the next generation of fashion designers because she knows how to offer a bride everything that she will ever need on the most important day of her life.

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Fall 2017 - Wild Garden Collection - Lian Rokman

Fall 2017 - Wild Garden

Spring 2017 - Like A Stone Collection - Lian Rokman

Spring 2017 - Like A Stone

Latest Wedding Inspiration from Lian Rokman

Opulent New Collection of Lian Rokman Wedding Dresses | Strictly Weddings

Opulent New Collection of Lian Rokman Wedding Dresses

Since ancient times, gemstones have been admired objects of desire. With names like Diamond, Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire, comes a new opulent collection of Lian Rokman wedding dresses. Her Spring 2017 Collection is appropriately named “Like a Stone,” reminding us how these semi-precious and precious gems each symbolize love and appeal in their own form.


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