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The Lazaro collection is a creation of opulence with romanticism, and celebrates the strength and sensuality of brides in love. Luxurious encrusted beading, sensual shades of pastel color and fly by the night filmy fabrics, Lazaro brings a flirtatious femininity to his work. His spirited creations of peek-a-boo fine laces, shimmering jeweled cut stones, and a lavish mix of sensual silhouettes are truly beguiling. Lazaro captures modern romance with a whimsical fantasy driven collection that celebrates couture wedding fashion.




Fall 2017 Collection - Lazaro

Fall 2017

Spring 2017 Collection - Lazaro

Spring 2017

Spring 2016 Collection - Lazaro

Spring 2016

Latest Wedding Inspiration from Lazaro

Lazaro Outshines with Sparkle Wedding Dresses | Strictly Weddings

Lazaro Outshines with Sparkle Wedding Dresses

What we have come to learn about bridal designer Lazaro is that any synonym you associate with a diamond – think dazzle, shine, sparkle, shimmer, twinkle and more – you can apply to his designs. We’re talking a girl’s best friend. We’ve been keeping a close eye on how Lazaro outshines with sparkle wedding dresses across the industry. Needless to say, he sparked our attention.

Bridal Designers at New York Bridal Fashion Week | Strictly Weddings

Bridal Designers at New York Bridal Fashion Week

As we covered bridal designers at New York Bridal Fashion Week for 2018, our Strictly Weddings team kept reflecting on how this time of year is like the bridal Super Bowl. Albite much-much prettier and with more zeal as the halftime show brings. Each designer simply brings their A game to this major event. Between the anticipation of their collection releases, every ounce of time, drop of energy and glorious detail that goes into planning their shows – it becomes a sensational spectacle to celebrate. Bridal designers at New York Bridal Fashion Week enchanted thousands with pre- and post- bashes, productions that dropped jaws and gowns that took your breath away.

Exclusive Interviews with JLM Couture Bridal Designers | Strictly Weddings

Exclusive Interviews with JLM Couture Bridal Designers

To say it’s our favorite time of year may be an understatement. Some look forward to the first snow or summer’s ice cream truck through the neighborhood. We, at Strictly Weddings, greedily anticipate the first week of October when New York Bridal Fashion Week arrives and designers deliver their new 2019 Spring collections. It also brings us exclusive interviews with JLM Couture bridal designers, Hayley Paige, Lazaro and Allison Webb!

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses with Pockets | Strictly Weddings

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses with Pockets

“To have and to hold,” is taking on a whole meaning for you as we introduce 45 of the most gorgeous wedding dresses with pockets. These undeniably beautiful bridal gowns will let you “have and hold” literally anything you want on your big day. Think about not having to worry about a clutch for your lipstick, handwritten vows, cell phone or that precious hanky handed down from grandma. Who doesn't love the feel and convenience of pockets? They're cozy, fashionable and extremely useful, and luckily for brides, wedding dress designers have taken note of this tend creating their show stoppers with the beneficial sewn-in compartments.

4th of July Theme Wedding | Strictly Weddings

4th of July Theme Wedding

When you have a bride, who according to her Dad, was “born to be a wedding planner,” you know three things are definite when it comes to her own wedding day. There will be an unforgettable theme. The décor will be too fab with a dash of whimsy. Loads of smiles, laughter and pure fun will be had – those should count as three alone! This 4th of July theme wedding in Ohio was not just one theme, but a dose of Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and good ol’ American down home enjoyment blended into one. Don’t expect college sweethearts, Ryan and Event Prep Cassandra Creer’s wedding day to be all about the red, white and blue though It definitely gives a nod to their preppy flair with a tropical twist. Their day was the perfect mash up of eccentric, extravagant, and creative details in their 4th of July theme wedding with a sparkling finish.


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