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Eddy K

Forty years ago, designer Eddy K. ventured into the bridal world with a single dream: to make the perfect wedding gown. Now Eddy and his son Addy work hand in hand to create the most gorgeous wedding dresses. Incorporating the art of design inspired by Milan, Italy, Eddy K. dresses are often embellished with crystal beads and feature only the finest fabrics, laces and materials.

In the search to create the dream dress for every bride, each one of the Eddy K. collections embraces the bride’s vision of her wedding day and brings it to life with gowns that fulfill any bride’s fantasy. Some brides want a fairy tale wedding with a lavishly embroidered gown that trails gracefully behind them, while others want something more simple and modern with sleek lines. Eddy K. recognizes the uniqueness of every bride and her personal style. Whether a woman is searching for a dress that is traditional, romantic, simple, bohemian, glamorous or contemporary, Eddy K. has the perfect dress for every bride to shine in the most important day of her life.




Spring 2017 – Dreams Collection - Eddy K

Spring 2017 – Dreams

Spring 2017 – Milano Collection - Eddy K

Spring 2017 – Milano

2017 – Couture Collection - Eddy K

2017 – Couture

The Sky Collection Collection - Eddy K

The Sky Collection

Spring 2017 - Eddy K Collection - Eddy K

Spring 2017 - Eddy K

Latest Wedding Inspiration from Eddy K

Eddy K Dream Collection | Strictly Weddings

Eddy K Dreams Collection

When it comes to wedding dress designers, there is nothing understated about Eddy K and the breathtaking glamour he brings to each and every style. A designer known to honestly create something for every bride to be. That is why when we first laid eyes on the Eddy K Dreams Collection we saw bridal fantasies flash before us.

Milano Collection: Eddy K Wedding Dresses | Strictly Weddings

Milano Collection: Eddy K Wedding Dresses

Italy is the place where fashion trends are started, innovations encouraged, names made and where Eddy K wedding dresses have emerged. We’re talking urban sophistication influenced by Italy’s own fashion capital as Eddy K’s Milano collection incorporates the art of design inspired by the city itself. The Milano collection embraces unmistakable elegance, excellent tailoring, exquisite fabrics, and unmatched creativity producing the perfect wedding gown with worldwide appeal.

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