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Most Glamorous Wedding at Taglyan Complex

This gem right here? It’s filled to the gills with a whole lot of class and dressed in a kind of opulence that redefines the saying “Make it Rain!” This must the most glamorous wedding at Taglyan Complex that we have laid our eyes on. It “rains” or you could also say “reigns” in elegance, sparkle and pink prettiness beyond the couple’s dollar bill dance! No matter how you want to phrase it, Le Style My Soiree and Suzy’s Garden and Delights had Jackie and Jack’s fairytale bursting with beauty and it all begins with Jackie’s Leah Da Gloria gown. Ever pretty portrait in the gallery from Rene Zadori Photography is surely a blush inducer. Imagine the most glamorous affair and then kick it up a few hundred notches and you get this epic California celebration.