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Modern Minimalist Santorini Destination Wedding

We apologize in advance, as your day is going to be left to daydreaming the day away over this exquisite gallery from Studio Phosart. With a modern minimalist Santorini destination wedding that is downright stunning. One may not think immediately of the word “minimalist” when combined with the description of a Santorini destination wedding. But, after seeing Becky and Charles’ beautifully planned day by Weddings in Sandorini you will understand. With views like the Le Ciel provides it doesn’t take much to categorize a destination wedding as luxury. From the venue’s spectacular Caldera view terrace overlooking the Volcano and the Aegean Sea to Wedding Wish’s pops of pink floral, we can’t think anything that is as dreamy. Just imagine saying your own “I Do” under the that sleek white arched ceremony staging billowing in the salt air with views like this!