Paris 2013 Collection by Inbal Dror

This stunning Paris 2013 collection by Inbal Dror is nothing less than drop dead gorgeous. There is incredible variety in the designs and they are each exciting and unique. Truly every gown makes a statement. While some may have more classic and conservative lines, the detailing is anything but conservative. Daring and low cut backs meet with layers and layers of lace and are utterly feminine and sensual at the same time.

v neck tulle strapless sequins silk lace satin lace pockets long sleeve long sleeve lace lace lace leg cut out bow in back backless

Each gown contains the highest elegance and plays with the glamour of movie starlet to princess Grace. The details create unique and ultra enchanting bridal gowns with details such as antique lace, satin buttons, and even florals.

Inbal is a leader in designing Bridal and Evening gowns for the most important day of the bride’s life, using the highest quality soft & complementing fabrics.

The Paris 2013 collection by Inbal Dror is signified not only by some exquisite new designs, but also by the addition of Eitan, brother to Emma, to the family.  No doubt that this happy event reflects on the new outstanding collection. 

Inbal surpassed herself by taking previousely designed styles, in 2011 and 2012, giving them an extra zest, using new French Laces, Tulles, Pearls and Swarovsky Stones.

The new 2013 collection is reflecting back, bringing vintage designs back to life.  We are sure that this collection will bring happiness and smiles to the viewers. News
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