Weddings Themes: Western Weddings with a Kick

With the recent wedding of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton in Texas, we wanted to show off some of the wonderful western weddings that we’ve showcased here on our blog. (Lord knows we tried to find decent wedding photos of their wedding…the one below is the best we could find and it’s a scan from Us Weekly – sorry!).

What were some of the touches that Miranda Lambert brought to her wedding?

  • The bridesmaids were wearing cowboy boots. Specifically, Old Gringo boots.
  • Miranda let her bridesmaids have a little individuality. Each wore their own custom-made gown by Priscilla of Boston’s Mark Brower.
  • Miranda wore the same ivory wedding gown her mother wore over 30 years ago.  Miranda said, quote, “My parents have been married for 33 years, so this dress is already a good-luck charm.”
  • And Miranda wore custom-made Casadei cowboy boots Dallas partners photographer Thisbe Grace and events planner Jordan Payne provided us with some of the boot-scootin’ wedding photos below: News

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  2. I automatically fell in love with this idea! although I am still young (only 18) and have only been with my boyfriend a few months he is the most amazing man ever. he is older than me but acts like a little kid all of the time. he’s one of a kind. we haven’t said those three words yet and certainly aren’t thinking about marriage but later on down the road I feel he could possibly pop the question. I’m a country girl at heart so having a country themed wedding would be a dream come true!


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