Vintage Vineyard Wedding In The Texas Hill Country

Bride and Groom, Rachel and Greg, met at work where they both work at Marquee Event Group, an event rental company in Austin, Texas. Rachel is an outside sales representative; Greg is a member of the inside sales and marketing department. The attraction started over their love of dogs.  After initially blowing Greg off with a “I don’t date my co-workers excuse,” Rachel returned several weeks later from a trip to Ireland to attend a friends wedding, with a different perspective. Rachel asked Greg on a date to the dog park and that was the beginning.

Now, the juiciest part of the story is that they never told anyone at work they were together until Rachel walked into work with an engagement ring on her finger several years later. They blew everyone away! They were both nervous about people’s reactions. Yet, it turned out that everyone was so excited (and so shocked). In the end, it was the greatest surprise and their “family” at Marquee threw them a great wedding!

The wedding theme – Vintage Vineyard Elegance – was due to Rachel’s work. As a vendor in the events industry she had been fortunate to be a part of some truly amazing weddings. She wanted her wedding to be something she’d never seen. She wanted something unique that was her own. That’s why Rachel and Greg chose Flat Creek Estate in Austin’s Hill Country. Food was a big part of the wedding as well. They wanted to have a nice dinner party with a ceremony thrown in. Thus creating a family reunion with elegance, and they felt the vineyard was the perfect venue to create that experience.

Rachel used her wedding dress as her first item for décor inspiration. Marquee’s Owner, Damon Holditch, had her butter taffeta linens made from scratch. Damon also agreed to make the plum faux silk cocktail tables linens tied with a butter taffeta sash around the base as well as the plum silk button cake table. Purple is Rachel’s favorite color but she didn’t want to go too crazy with the purple.

The tent was also a very important design element. It can be difficult to maintain a vintage look in a tent and it’s even more difficult for someone who rents tents for a living to be wowed by a wedding tent! The goal was to have the ceiling treatment low and bring the top of the tent lower and cozier. Rachel also wanted eclectic and mismatched lighting. The tent went right on top of a parking area with paver stones that made it feel antique. Marquee’s efforts brought tears to the bride’s eyes when she finally saw it all come together.

The Bridal Bouquet was a mix of fluffy white hydrangea, white ranunculus, white sweetpeas, white majolica roses, white spider tulips, white hyacinth and white lilac. On her bouquet, “The Key” is the badge of the brides’ sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. The sapphire is recognized by Kappa as the symbol of truth, sincerity and constancy. Although the bride graduated from college in 1996 Kappa is still close to her heart. There were 7 Kappa’s at the wedding, including the Matron of Honor who was a sorority sister and college roommate.

Final notes from the bride …

“Photographer Jennifer Lindberg is amazing! She is truly dedicated to her craft and she is incredibly talented. It was a dream come true for her to photograph our wedding. In my mind there was no other choice. We were lucky and deemed it fate that she was available on our wedding date. We knew she would bring a personal view and photo journalism style photography to our wedding. That is what I wanted. As soon as I saw our “sneak peak” slideshow that Jennifer put together I was in tears. She is brilliant!”

“Take my advice … Hire a wedding planner and trust them! Use strong and reputable vendors because they really will make a huge difference in your wedding execution. Try to make decisions and stick to them. Because our engagement and wedding planning was only 3.5 months long we could not waiver on decisions and that really was a blessing. If any part of your wedding is outdoors be prepared for Plan B and be comfortable with it. I think our final plan was Plan E but it ended up perfect. If you’re planning your wedding on a budget set priorities on what is most important. For example, catering and décor was a high priority for us but that meant that music and paper goods had a lower priority.”

Featured Wedding courtesy of Jennifer Lindberg

Wedding dress: Forever Yours
Grooms attire: Black suit – Jones New York Collection
Bridesmaids: J Crew
Wedding Coordinator: Clink Events
Location: Ceremony & Reception – Flat Creek Estate
Rentals: Marquee Event Group – the bride & groom’s employer.
Floral: Prive Floral
Caterer: Primize
Wedding Cake: Simon Lee Bakery

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Two of my favorite things: vintage & vineyards! A gorgeous snippet of images of what looks to be a glorious and very special day!

  2. This is a beautiful wedding with so many unique elements. Jennifer Lindberg’s talented group did another magnificent job of capturing those elements to be enjoyed by Rachel and Greg for years to come. Love the dress in the window and the shoes and rings.

  3. The inside of that tent is just gorgeous. The photos make me want to be there…and make me feel as if I were there! Beautiful wedding and beautiful images by Jenn Lindberg. And Rachel, you look fantastic! Congrats all around!

  4. Rachel, as you noted; as a photojournalist – Jenn’s perspective makes us all feel as if we were a part of your amazing day! The tent was breathtaking. I was glad to see photos of the chandeliers throughout the tent. The details created an ambiance that just makes you smile.

  5. Beautiful story and amazing pictures! Love the picture of them kissing. What a sweet moment!

  6. These photos capture the spirit and beauty
    of the wedding with perfection. I sure wish Jennifer
    Lindberg had photographed my wedding!

  7. The close-up photos created an intimate look at the beautiful details of the wedding that I might not have noticed or appreciated in larger picture. I loved the vibrant colors throughout! All of the vendors’work seemed to blend together effortlessly, creating a unique experience. Beautiful!

  8. Loved the beauty and warmth of this wedding! Every lovely detail stands out in the fabulous photography. Winner!!

  9. I would love to be married in The Hill Country, no one really knows how just beautiful it is, until you have been there. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks like all had a great time, and what beautiful memories! Great detail shots, and love the Cake:)

  11. Gorgeous wedding! I love how Jenn Lidberg captures the heart of the event. You two look wonderful together!

  12. What an absolutely beautiful wedding featuring the talents of the bride and groom. The photography is breathtaking! From the opening picture featuring the elegant back of the wedding gown to the coordination of warm colors, eclectic lighting and tent draping,every special touch is captured. Jenn Lindberg Photography, as the bride mentioned, did a brilliant job of capturing the memories of this special day!!

  13. Colors are amazing, and there is nothing Like the Hill Country-Congratulations-and what beautiful Photos to have such wonderful memories by.


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