Colorful Engagement Session, with a little Texas Twist to boot!

This engagement session is full of so many things … personality, life, love, and the sunny Texas skies. Perfect moments captured by Jenny Martell Photography. All of it resonates true to a bride and groom who wanted to have a day that reflected their fun-loving personalities.

Jory and Jamie met 6 years ago at the software company where they worked. Over the years, they became close co-workers and friends. During the first 4 years as co-workers, they had significant others, but then all that changed and all the stars aligned with just one date.

Both of them told friends and family they were going out as friends/co-workers and nothing else.  Little did they know, that it took one date to know that Jamie’s soul mate was sharing the same office space with her for the past 5 years! All it took was getting out of the work space to find that they were more a like than they would have ever guessed.  After that date, they never left each others side. It’s almost uncanny how perfect they are for each other…they even complete each others sentences.

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